Dene Nation giving out salmon and flour to city’s Indigenous population

Fish being handed out outside the Dene Nation office. (Photo by Bailey Moreton/
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The Dene Nation handed out salmon fillets and bags of flour to Yellowknife’s Indigenous population on Wednesday.

Jane Arychuk, an organizer who helps with education programs, said the donations helped combat food insecurity in Yellowknife. She adds donations, which were sent to a number of Indigenous communities around Yellowknife, often don’t reach Indigenous people in the city.

Salmon being handed out by Arychuk. (Photo by Bailey Moreton/

“We wanted to make sure that urban indigenous also were getting supported during COVID and and with food insecurity,” she said.

The salmon fillets were donated and shipped frozen by Food Banks Canada. The flour, which can be used to make bannock, came from a mill in Manitoba in 50 pound bags, which had to be split, says Arychuk.

Donations are being handed out outside the Dene Nation office on 49th Street during the day March 31 until 5:30 p.m., or until supplies run out.

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