NNSL sold after decades of printing

The NNSL building, now bought by Black Press. (Photo by Bailey Moreton/MyTrueNorthNow.com.)
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After being fired from News of the North, Jack Sigvaldason launched the Yellowknifer newspaper in 1972

At the beginning, his office was his kitchen.

But soon the operation picked up momentum, and Sigvaldason later bought the paper that fired him in 1979.

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10 years later,  he bought Canarctic Graphics, the printing company who would produce his paper.

Over the years, that company turned into Northern News Services Limited…

And would go on to expand into Nunavut and opened newspapers in a number of communities.

Now the company is being sold to Black Press, a newspaper chain with paper asin the U.s., Alberta, B.C. and Yukon.

But the paper will still have the same feel, says CEO Bruce Valpy.

“It’s the people who make the newspapers, it’s people who make the news. That isn’t going to change.”

Bruce Valpy, Publisher, NNSL

While there were a couple of layoffs, Valpy says there aren’t any paper closures in the forecast for NNSL.

“We’ve taken the model that Jack Sigvaldason built and we’ve made it successful. And that’s why we have this, this sale now. And we’re just going to continue what we’re doing and fair and accurate reporting throughout the the North.”

Bruce Valpy, Publisher, NNSL
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