‘If you’ve bought moss balls this year, destroy them’ warns GNWT

A zebra mussel. They're bad news. (Supplied by Environment and Natural Resources.)
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The territorial government is raising the alarm after zebra mussels were found in moss balls sold in the NWT.

Moss balls, often sold as Marimo moss balls, are green algae commonly used to increase water quality in aquariums. Some have been found to carry the dangerous invasive species zebra mussels.

The GNWT said they are also concerned about the potential spread of quagga mussels. Both are small freshwater mussels. 

“While they can only grow as large as a thumbnail, they have the potential to cause big damage to the NWT’s biodiversity, aquatic ecosystems, fish populations, hydro power stations and other infrastructure,” a statement from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources read.

The statement says if anyone has bought a moss ball, they should destroy it and clean the aquarium tank they were in.

The tank should be washed in chlorine solution or boiling water and the water in the tank should not be dumped down the sink.
Click here for a full list of instructions.

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