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Two Yellowknife teams; one Inuvik team win big at Rock the Rings

The 2021 Rock the Rings NWT Curling Championships were held in Yellowknife from February 11th to 14th, where two Yellowknife teams and an Inuvik team won their respective events.

The U12, U15 and U20 events featured teams from Hay River, Inuvik and Yellowknife. The U20 event had three teams participating, the U15 event had five and the U12 event had seven.

U20 winner Team Naugler (Yellowknife), U15 winner Team MacNeil (Inuvik), U12 winner Team Murray (Yellowknife). Photo from NWT Curling.

The winner of the U20 event was Team Naugler (Yellowknife). The team consisted of skip Adam Naugler, third Jullian Bowling, second Shawn Dragon and lead Tasir Bhuiyan. They were coached by Tara Naugler.


  1. Team Naugler (Yellowknife)
  2. Team Rogers (Yellowknife)
  3. Team Gillis (Inuvik)

The winner of the U15 event was Team MacNeil (Inuvik). The team consisted of skip Mason MacNeil, third ohn Voudrach and second Adrianna Hendrick. They were coached by Nick Saturnino.

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  1. Team MacNeil (Inuvik)
  2. Team Picek (Inuvik)
  3. Team Wainman (Inuvik)
  4. Team Pederson (Yellowknife)
  5. Team Skauge (Yellowknife)

The winner of the U12 event was Team Murray (Yellowknife). The team consisted of skip Jenny Murray, middle Ria Rogers and lead Aryalee Snyder. They were coached by Norma Jarvis.


  1. Team Murray (Yellowknife)
  2. Team Smith (Inuvik)
  3. Team Robertson (Inuvik)
  4. Team Galusha (Yellowknife)
  5. Team Stanley (Hay River)
  6. Team Tingmiak (Inuvik)
  7. Team Kingmiqtuq-Devlin (Inuvik)

Rock the Rings 2021 was presented by the NWT Curling Association and Yellowknife Curling Club.

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