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Travel the world without leaving your community on National Family Literacy Day

This year’s celebration of National Family Literacy Day on January 27th from the NWT Literacy Council will look a little different than in years past.

The theme for this year is Travel the World Together, and the council is encouraging everyone to learn about the world without leaving your community.

Charlotte Upton, Family and Community Literacy Coordinator says that as a part of the celebration, the council is accepting applications for up to $500 to run a community event or program.

“This funding can be used to purchase or rent equipment and supplies; for space rental, door prizes, and healthy snacks; to promote your event; and to pay for staff or instructors.”

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Some of the events that have been funded to take place around the territory so far include:

  • The Yellowknife Playschool Association is hosting an event that focuses on both the theme of Travel the World and physical literacy. They will be playing games from different countries and learning new words.
  • École Allain St-Cyr will be hosting a parent and child writing project on an imaginary travelogue, poem, or song.
  • École Boreale is hosting a virtual author’s chair. Students will share projects and stories about a variety of countries virtually with families around the world.
  • The NWT Centennial Library in Hay River will be having a curb-side pick up program of themed bags that include books about various countries, snacks and activities with a world travel theme. Families can sign up to receive their bag on January 27th.
  • The Growing Together Society in Hay River will be hosting a family pyjama party with story time at the Recreation Centre. Their event will connect to the theme of Travel the World Together through a selection of healthy snacks from different cultures and stories reflecting different countries.

To go along with the theme of Travel the World Together, the council is challenging families from around the territories to learn about the world without leaving their community by completing one or more of the activities listed below.

  1. Go online – Research a country that interests you on the internet with your family. Find out things like the language they speak, their currency, and popular food, music and sports.
  2. Flags of the world – Look up colourful flags from different countries and try drawing them together.
  3. Ciao! – Teach your family how to say hello and goodbye in different languages.
  4. Greetings from abroad – Imagine you’re on a vacation and write a postcard to a friend or family member. Describe the weather, what it’s like and what activities you’re doing.
  5. Map the world – Look at a blank world map and try to name each continent and ocean. For more of a challenge, try identifying countries or even cities.
  6. Family vacation – Research your next family vacation online together, even if you don’t have one planned. Look up how much it will cost to travel there, hotels and activities, and put together a budget for your trip.
  7. Get cookin’! – Find a recipe for a popular international dish, such as butter chicken or paella. Follow the recipe together as a family and enjoy the meal you’ve cooked.
  8. Family history – Research your family’s history and culture. Learn about your family traditions. (how about starting a new one!)
  9. Sounds of the world – Go to YouTube as a family and play some popular songs from other countries. Dance and move to different tunes and hum along, trying to guess what the lyrics mean.
  10. A to Z – Test your family’s geographic knowledge by trying to name a country for AZ every letter of the alphabet. Hint: there is one for every letter except X.

For a chance to win a family prize pack, take photos or videos and share them with the NWT Literacy Council through email or Facebook.

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