Inuvik firefighter is recipient of 2020 NWT Fire Service Merit Award

A shot of the Inuvik fire truck. (Supplied by Town of Inuvik.)
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The 2020 recipient of the NWT Fire Service Merit Awards is firefighter David Bernhardt in recognition of his contributions to the NWT Fire Service and years of meritorious and dedicated service to the residents of Inuvik.

Bernhardt, who became a firefighter back in 1980 said he was a bit surprised to receive the award.

“It was a bit shocking, as a firefighter you do your job and don’t expect to be rewarded for it like this. It’s very nice.”

Bernhardt will receive the award Wednesday at the Inuvik Fire Hall.

Each year, the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs recognizes members of the NWT fire service for their work by awarding the annual NWT Fire Service Merit Awards.

The awards are awarded based on nominations from the public to honor and recognize individual firefighters and community fire departments for their significant contributions to the NWT fire service and community fire protection.

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