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Search and Rescue locates occupants of vehicle that went through ice near Inuvik

Inuvik RCMP coordinated a Search and Rescue to locate people stranded after their vehicle went through ice. At approximately 4:45 p.m. on November 16th, Inuvik RCMP received a report that two people were stranded due to their vehicle going through the ice on a waterway. Attempts to reach them by cell phone were unsuccessful. Inuvik RCMP began coordinating a Search and Rescue effort to locate the two individuals and ensure their safety.

The investigation provided a location that was approximately 35 kms out of Inuvik, towards Little Bombardier Channel. As the ice is not known to be thick enough to sustain vehicle traffic, a ground search was organized on snowmachines. Inuvik Ground Search and Rescue, and Parks Canada accompanied RCMP by snowmachine. The search party located the individuals along the Mackenzie River, along with a small search party that had set out to find them prior. All were in good health and the RCMP were able to provide transportation for the three dogs that had also become stranded with the two people.

It is believed that to access that area of the channel, they travelled over a closed portion an ice road. RCMP remind citizens and travelers to use extreme caution when travelling on the land and our waterways that are in the midst of freezing up. Those who travel on unsafe ice conditions, or closed portions of road systems put themselves at risk, as well as those who may be called to assist in locating, them should they suffer an accident or incident.

“Our land can be very unforgiving, and we must all respect the changing environment. Temperatures are plummeting in the night, so please ensure you are travelling safely, and with adequate supplies should something go wrong. Check the ice conditions for safety. An emergency communication device is always a must for travel on the land” states Staff Sergeant Bruce McGregor, acting NCO District Advisory North District RCMP.

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