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YWCA launches family sponsorship gift campaign

The NWT YWCA is launching its 2020 Holiday Family Sponsorship Program, with a surge in demand this year due to COVID-19.

“We’ve seen that there’s even more of a need, because we’ve had some of our clients who unfortunately have lost their jobs, or have their hours reduced due to COVID-19,” Alayna Ward, the director of community relations said in an interview with MyYellowknifeNow.com.

The program allows community members to sign up to buy Christmas gifts and other supplies for one of the YWCA’s families. Ward said there are over a hundred families this year in need of sponsorship — with over 180 children in those families.

In previous years, there have been anywhere from 60-120 families, according to Ward.

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“Every year, we’re so grateful and overwhelmed with the support of our local community who reaches out to show families in our housing programs that they care and that they are Supported,” Hawa Dumbuya-Sesay, Executive Director of YWCA NWT, said in a statement.

“Buying presents or food for a holiday dinner is just not an option for many of our clients, who must often choose basic necessities over buying gifts for their children or having a special meal over the holidays.”

YWCA NWT has guidelines on their website for gifts that are needed and the amount someone interested in sponsoring a family should spend.

YWCA NWT is asking those interested to register by December 4 by contacting [email protected].


With files from Keven Dow.

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