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Masks mandatory in NT’s airports starting Oct. 13

Masks are being made mandatory in NT’s airports as of October 13. The GNWT announced Thursday that masks would be made mandatory in all 27 of NT’s airports, inside terminal buildings.

Masks were already made mandatory while on flights and going through security by Transport Canada back in April.

“While the best way to protect yourself and your community is to stay at home and not travel outside of the NWT, we want to ensure that people who need to travel, as well as airport staff, are safe in our airports,” Diane Archie, Minister of Infrastructure, said in a statement.

“The health and safety of NWT residents and communities is our main priority and we ask and thank passengers for their cooperation.”

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Exceptions to the rule are infants under the age of two, people unable to remove their masks without assistance and when security asks you to remove your mask for identification purposes or when you’re eating and drinking.

Until the rule comes into effect, the public is still encouraged to wear masks in airports.

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