Fire Department warns to check your electrical connections to block heaters following a vehicle fire in Yellowknife

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At approximately 8:15 a.m. on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, the Yellowknife Fire Division (YKFD) responded to a vehicle fire on 50A Avenue. The YKFD extinguished the fire quickly and the damage was contained to the vehicle of origin and minor damage to the corresponding home. No injuries occurred. 

Due to the extremely cold temperatures in Yellowknife, vehicles are being plugged in more frequently. Often multiple heated components, such as battery blankets and interior heaters, are plugged into one block heater cord. The YKFD reminds residents to inspect these electrical routes regularly and to consider the draw that the sum of these components puts on their electrical system.

If the resistance through the cord is too great, chords can heat up and become hazardous. Connections can also be damaged if the cord is left plugged in while driving away; all cords and connections should be checked after a ‘forgotten cord’ incident. 

All damaged cords should be replaced to reduce the risk of short circuits, added electrical resistance and accidental fires.

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