Yellowknife ‘Grinch’ steals Christmas tree from Centre Square Mall

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An unknown woman not wearing a jacket has made off with the Christmas tree from Centre Square Mall in ‘Grinch’ fashion.

Louie Chartrand witnessed the tree nabbing which occurred shortly before  3:00 p.m. today.

“I was just walking by the entrance in the picture and some woman ran past me with the tree,” Chartrand said. “I was like wtf because her face was covered and she ran down the sidewalk with it.”

100.1 The Moose has contacted the Centre Square Mall and the RCMP to seek information about the stolen tree and if the ‘Grinch’ has been nabbed. The RCMP request has not been received by press time. The Centre Square Mall also didn’t return our call by press time.

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Update to follow.

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