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Deninu K’ue First Nation devastated after cabins vandalized on Mission Island

Residents of the Deninu K’ue First Nation are devastated after discovering on Tuesday that cabins on Mission Island were targeted by vandals.

It appears the intention of the culprits was not to rob the cabins but rather to wreak havoc with senseless destruction of the cabin contents.

Chief Louis Balsillie posted on social media more than 15 photos of the destruction left by the vandals showing damage which occurred to doorframes, windows and walls.

“I am so disgusted with what happened on the island with our cabins,” Chief Balsillie said on Facebook. “Someone must be so upset with us that they kicked in all the doors at the cabins as well as the meeting hall, shower stalls and they also ripped screens in our elder’s gazebo that we just built.”

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Chief Balsillie says now it’s going to cost so much money to repair all this unnecessary damage.

“Nothing was taken as our generators and gas were left alone,” Chief Balsillie said. “Someone was just there to vandalize all of the property.”

Chief Balsillie says it’s a real shame if they have to put ply boards on all of the windows and doors.

“It is such a beautiful place for all of our community to enjoy,” Chief Balsillie said. “If anybody knows of any information regarding who did this please contact the RCMP.”

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