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MLA candidate Katrina Nokleby issues public apology after social media comment

A recent comment on social media about a bear spray attack by MLA candidate Katrina Nokleby have some Yellowknife residents outraged.

Several residents contacted the Moose 100.1 FM after the comment was posted on Facebook by Nokleby following a very serious bear spray attack on Sissons Court in Yellowknife on September 21.

A resident of Yellowknife sent this screenshot to the Moose 100.1 FM and was disgusted by the comment made. Nokleby has issued a public apology. Arthur C. Green/The Moose

Nokleby quickly deleted the comment from Facebook but admitted to the Moose 100.1 FM that she made a mistake. Nokleby issued the following apology to the people of Yellowknife.

“In regards to the comment made on the mentioned post, I am truly sorry. Once it was brought to my attention that my comment could be viewed as offensive, I replied to that person stating that I would remove the post and sent them a direct message to further explain the comment and apologize again. The comment was meant to jest at the things all candidates, including myself, have been dealing with at the door. After self-reflecting on my comment, I realize that this is a topic that should not be joked about and apologize for not recognizing this earlier. I will not tell you that I am perfect, I made a mistake and will likely make other mistakes along this journey. Instead, I promise that if I am your elected official I will acknowledge my mistakes, as I am doing now, learn from them and do everything in my power to correct them,” Nokleby said in a written statement to the Moose 100.1 FM.

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A copy of the signed statement was dropped off to the Moose News Department. Arthur C. Green/The Moose

The Moose 100.1 FM contacted Patrick Scott, MLA candidate for Great Slave, about the Facebook comment Nokleby posted.

“I am glad she immediately understood the severity of what she had said and removed and apologized,” Scott said. “When you put yourself out for public office, you move onto a different playing field that requires 100 per cent respect, 100 per cent of the time.”

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