Windbreak planted at McNiven Tennis Courts

Twenty Black Spruce trees were planted near the McNiven Tennis Courts according to the City of Yellowknife. Arthur C. Green/The Moose
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The City of  Yellowknife partnered to plant trees recently.

On September 13, The City of Yellowknife partnered with the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation to plant trees that will serve as a windbreak for the McNiven Tennis Courts and beautify the area.

Arthur C. Green/The Moose

Alison Harrower is the Communication and Economic Development Officer with the City of Yellowknife.

“Twenty Black Spruce trees were planted near the McNiven Tennis Courts,” Harrower said.” TD was a great partner. They provided a grant for the trees and t-shirts and snacks for the volunteers.”

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A windbreak is a linear planting of trees and shrubs designed to enhance crop production, protect people and livestock and benefit soil and water conservation.

Harrower says the City of Yellowknife provided technical support along with the tools and supplies required to make planting go smoothly.

“The trees are evergreens so they will not shed leaves onto the courts,” Harrower said. “The Yellowknife Tennis Club is thrilled with the improvement.”

There were approximately 35 to 40 volunteers who helped, according to Harrower, including many young children who enjoyed the experience.

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