Yellowknife featured on The Amazing Race Canada

Host Jon Montgomery in front of an Air Tindi ski plane. Photo from The Amazing Race Canada Twitter.
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Yellowknife was the central location in the most recent episode The Amazing Race Canada which aired Tuesday night. The 4th episode of season 7 featured the seven remaining groups going through various northern challenges to further their goal of winning the grand prize of $250,000, a “once-in-a-lifetime” trip for two around the world, and two 2019 Chevrolet Blazers RS.

The participants started off the challenge by making their way to the Somba K’e Civic Plaza where they had to locate the ‘United in Celebration’ sculpture, followed by making their way to the rotary park where they had to drive a snowmobile over great slave lake to go ice fishing.

One of the more difficult challenges took place inside the NWT Diamond Center where the competitors had to spot Canadian symbols inside of several diamonds as well as weigh the diamonds. They then returned to great slave lake where they had to go underwater in the freezing cold water while swimming a very short distance.

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The final leg saw teams then go to the Air Tindi base to perform the initial steps that Canadian rescue pilots must take to find missing people using strictly longitude and latitude. Once they completed the last task, players then flew by ski plane to Dettah where they met the Dene Drummers and Olympic skeleton gold medallist and host Jon Montgomery at the final pit stop.

There was also a bit of controversy in this episode as the Montreal based pair of Dave and Irina, who ended up finishing third in this week’s race, stole two separate taxis from other competitors. Taxis were not the only thing that proved to be difficult however as most of the challenges took place outdoors in -22° weather.

The cast and crew of the Amazing Race Canada were seen landing at the Yellowknife Airport back in late April however they were secretive upon arriving and declined to comment when asked what they had planned for the Yellowknife portion of the competition.

This was the show’s third visit to Yellowknife as the show came to the area in 2013 during their inaugural season, as well as again in 2016.

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