World leaders gather ahead of D-Day anniversary; Ontario Liberal MP wants new housing subsidy for homeless veterans

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World leaders reflecting on D-Day anniversary

Leaders of 16 countries are pledging to re-commit to their shared values of democracy, tolerance and the rule of law, in honour of the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Among the countries represented were participants from both sides of the Second World War, including Canada, the U.S., France, Germany, and the U.K. The joint declaration was announced after an elaborate ceremony in Portsmouth, England.

Ontario Liberal MP wants new housing subsidy for homeless veterans

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Ontario Liberal MP Neil Ellis is asking the government to create a new housing subsidy for homeless Canadian veterans.

A similar program in the U.S. is credited with cutting the number of homeless American vets by half. The motion, which has backing from Conservative and New Democrat MPs, also calls on the government to commit to ending veteran homelessness by 2025 and announce a plan to do that by this time next year.

Senate committee says bill banning oil tanker traffic off B.C. coast will divide country

A Senate committee says the Trudeau government’s bill to ban oil tanker traffic off British Columbia’s northern coast will divide the country.

Worse, the Senate’s transportation and communications committee says the bill is a cynical, intentional bid to cripple the economy of Prairie provinces, particularly Alberta, and curry political favour elsewhere in the country. Those conclusions are contained in the committee’s report on Bill C-48, which formalizes the moratorium on tanker traffic in the ecologically sensitive waters off northern B.C.

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