Prime Minister Trudeau exonerates Saskatchewan chief; American Vice-President coming to Ottawa

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Prime Minister Trudeau exonerates Saskatchewan chief

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has exonerated a Saskatchewan chief of treason more than 130 years after the conviction.

The exoneration of Chief Poundmaker was announced at the reserve that bears his name, PoundmakerCree Nation, about 200 kilometres northwest of Saskatoon. Following prayers and traditional drumming, Trudeau told the crowd that the government must acknowledge wrongs of the past and that Poundmaker was unjustly convicted.

Foreign Affairs Minister looking forward to hosting American Vice-President

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Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence has been a valuable partner to Canada because he supports free trade.

Freeland says the federal government is looking forward to getting an update on U.S. efforts to ratify the new North American free-trade pact when Pence visits Ottawa next week. Pence will be in Ottawa on Thursday following the Trump administration’s decision last week to lift its controversial tariffs on Canadian and Mexican steel and aluminum.

Firefighters continue to battle Alberta wildfire

Firefighters are aiming to continue controlled burns today to keep a powerful wildfire away from a northwestern Alberta town.

The fire is still out of control, but it has not advanced closer to High Level or grown in size. The wildfire is about three kilometres outside the community and covers some 920 square kilometres.

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Facebook says it removed over three-billion fake accounts in six month period

Facebook says it removed more than three-billion fake accounts from October to March and says nearly all of them were caught before they became active users.

That’s twice as many as the previous six months. The increase shows the challenges Facebook faces in removing accounts created by computers to spread spam, fake news and other objectionable material.

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