YZF asks passengers to arrive 90 minutes before departure during renos

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With renovations ongoing to the Yellowknife airport checked-in baggage screening area, passengers need to arrive at the airport 90 minutes before their scheduled departures.

Spokesperson with the Department of Infrastructure Greg Hanna says the renovations started Wednesday and will continue until the end of June. For the next three weeks passengers will have to arrive an extra 30 minutes early for their flights to allow for time to bring their checked baggage to an oversized screening area.

“During the renovation process, after passengers check in and they receive their boarding passes and the baggage tags, they will then need to take their baggage to the oversized screening area,” Hanna says. “They’ll need to wait there until their baggage is processed and screened and then they proceed to the security line-up.”

After the first three weeks of renovations, passengers will once again be checking in their bags at the check-in counters. They will at this time be able to go back to arriving 60 minutes before their scheduled departures or the time recommended by the airlines they are flying with.

The renovations are to the screening area for checked baggage. These renovations will not impact the security screening area which has been the focus of criticism, most recently by MLA Cory Vanthuyne in the legislative assembly. He questioned Minister of Infrastructure Wally Schumann in February why there was still only a single screening line causing a bottleneck at the airport.

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