Facebook disputes claims by privacy commissioners; Budget watchdog says income-tax rebate will offset carbon tax

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Facebook disputing claims in new report by federal and B.C. privacy commissioners

Facebook is disputing the findings of a long-awaited joint report by the federal and B.C. privacy commissioners.

It says a major leak of personal data later used for political purposes was the fault of ineffective privacy safeguards. Federal privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien says the social media giant refuses to address the serious problems identified by the report or even acknowledge that it broke the law by allowing an outside organization use an app to access and share the personal information of millions of users. He says he will take Facebook to Federal Court to enforce privacy laws.

Federal budget watchdog says income-tax rebate will offset carbon tax

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Canada’s budget watchdog says an income-tax rebate will more than offset the expected costs of the federal carbon tax for families in the four provinces where it has been implemented.

A new analysis by the parliamentary budget office shows the average cost this year will be $256 dollars in Ontario.

Former U.S. Vice President announces candidacy for 2020 Democratic presidential nomination

Joe Biden says he asked former U.S. president Barack Obama not to endorse him when he announced his candidacy for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

Biden says “whoever wins this nomination should win it on their own merits” Biden served as Obama’s vice president throughout his two term presidency.

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