Medals of bravery for Yellowknife rescues – from burning buildings, dog attacks

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A man who saved a woman from brutal dog attack and three RCMP officers who rescued residents from a burning apartment building were honoured with medals of bravery from the Governor General of Canada March 26th.

Michael Barkhouse, from Bramber, Nova Scotia, was passing by the SPCA on June 17, 2017. He heard a woman screaming for help from an outdoor kennel. He entered the kennel to come to the aid of the woman, who had been ‘severely mauled.

“He physically separated the 75-pound dog from the victim and stood between them as the animal circled them aggressively,” a news release reads. “Moments later, the dog retreated and Mr. Barkhouse brought the victim to safety.”

Barkhouse was in good company as he received his medal of bravery – three RCMP constables who rescued residents from a Yellowknife apartment fire in 2015 were also awarded the same honour.

On June 14, 2015 constables Shaun De Grandpre, Ryan Gillis and Bryan Martell searched and evacuated a burning apartment building, saving several people. Despite intense heat and smoke from an apartment on fire on the third floor, the constables continued to evacuate units on that floor. Two tenants in two separate apartments refused to leave their units and had to be ‘forcibly evacuated’ to safety.

Constable Gillis was awarded the medal March 26th, whereas Constable Martell had already received his medal at a previous ceremony and Constable De Grandpre will receive his medal at a later date.

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