Canada’s economy grew in January, Brexit defeated again

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Canada’s economy grew despite projections it’d be flat

Canada’s economy grew in 2019 after back-to-back months of contraction in December and November.

Stats Canada says the real GDP was up 0.3 per cent in January. That beat expert predictions that were expecting no growth.

SNC-Lavalin threatened to leave Canada

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SNC-Lavalin warned the federal government it might pull out of the country and cut its Canadian workforce.

The documents are part of a PowerPoint presentation obtained by The Canadian Press. It describes a scenario for what the Quebec construction company could do if it can’t get the government to grant a remediation agreement in its bribery case.

Brexit fails for the third time

For the third time parliament has defeated British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

Lawmakers rejected it despite her offer to step down as PM if it passed. This comes on the same day the UK was originally supposed to leave the EU. It’s departure from that organization may now be delayed longer or the UK could just leave without a deal at all.

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