Amid unusual warm spell, Snowcastle announces daytime closure

Inside the 2019 Snowcastle. Emelie Peacock photo
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The Snowking and his crew have declared extraordinary measures in response to unseasonably warm temperatures in Yellowknife.

The Snowcastle will be closed during the day starting Tuesday, March 19th, as a temporary measure to protect the softening snow. It is the first time in the 24 years of Snowking’s Winter Festival that the castle has had to close.

“Closing the Snowcastle for the first time really drives home the impact of climate change,” says LaurFrost Laura Busch.

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“We are a winter festival held in a winter climate, and up until now have been inviting the public to come play in the snow with us for the whole month of March. It’s true there is a difference between one weather pattern and global climate, but this really shows the impact a couple degrees can have.”

The castle will still be open for events scheduled in the evening, and for the spring break kids camp Snowkademy.

The team, citing their decades of experience building with snow, will be monitoring the structure of the castle with a focus on safety.

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