Job growth isn’t moving Canada’s unemployment rate; Trudeau makes good on Inuit apology

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Unemployment in Canada remains at 5.8 per cent

Canada’s unemployment rate isn’t budging despite job growth in February.
StatsCan reports 56,000 new jobs were created last month, with a majority in full-time work. But it wasn’t enough to move the mark on the current 5.8 per cent unemployment rate.

Postponed Inuit apology from PM comes down today

Justin Trudeau is delivering a long-awaited apology to Canada’s Inuit population.
The PM was forced to turn back from Iqaluit after a major snowstorm shut down the area on Thursday. He is apologizing for Canada’s role separating families during a tuberculosis outbreak between 1940 and 1960.

Fries could be causing cancer

Your fry addiction could actually be deadly.
A new study suggests a chemical found in cigarette smoke can also be found in French fries and potato chips. Researchers say the chemical has the potential to cause mutation in your body, leading to a cancerous growth.

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