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Happy 50th wedding anniversary. Here’s $10,000 for tai chi classes

A Yellowknife man has transformed 50 years of marital bliss into $10,000 for martial arts.

Chris and Rona Williams celebrated their golden anniversary this time last year.

Since then, Chris has been working with the NWT Parks and Recreation Association on a special gift for his wife: a tai chi fund.

“Chris wanted to recognize the occasion in some meaningful way,” explained Geoff Ray, the association’s executive director.

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Rona Williams
Rona Williams

“Because Rona is very involved in the tai chi community in Yellowknife – and Canada – he decided it would be really special if he could make a donation to support tai chi in the Northwest Territories.”

Tai chi is a Chinese martial art often practised for its health benefits, involving a sequence of slow movements and breathing exercises.

Chris’s anniversary gift to Rona is a $10,000 endowment fund, the proceeds from which will be used to help people in the NWT learn more about tai chi.

In time, the fund will provide grants to NWT residents who need financial support to attend tai chi training events.

“It’s great for developing physical activity, balance and mobility skills,” added Ray.

“There’s a group in Yellowknife that meets weekly and they’re a passionate group – they’re committed to tai chi, to staying active and healthy, and that’s something that needs to be supported.”

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