Singh wins Burnaby byelection ahead of federal race for leadership; Trump and Kim to meet again

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Singh takes MP seat ahead of leadership race

Jagmeet Singh will finally be able to sit at the House of Commons.
The NDP leader joined the MP ranks after taking 39 per cent of a byelection vote in Burnaby last night. His victory may be short-lived however, as he faces a full federal election in just a few months.

Trump and Kim set to discuss denuclearization in second summit

After holding a historic summit last year, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are meeting again.
The two leaders are expected to discuss the ongoing process to denuclearize North Korea when they meet in Vietnam this week. Trump says he’s happy to keep the process slow as long as the country stops testing nuclear weapons.

Report warns of toilet paper apocalypse wiping out Canadian forests

Americans may be literally wiping out Canada’s forests.
A new report from the National Resources Defense Council claims US residents are using too much toilet paper, which is sourced in Canadian boreal forests. The result is massive deforestation, causing issues for our environment and natural species like Lynx and Caribou.

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