MID-DAY: North American markets slip, TSX pulls back from 16,000 reach; Nike shares tank following basketball mishap

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The TSX is pulling back from hitting it’s highest point since October. The Bay Street index is down 38 points to 15,992 and across the border much of the same as the Dow slips 103 points to 25,851.

This comes despite some positive news coming from US China trade relations as reports indicate a deal could be reached soon between the two countries to end the tariff battle.

The price of crude is slipping back from it’s on rally as US oil drops to 56.81 a barrel.

The Loonie is falling to 75.83 cents US.

Nike stock is down nearly 2 per cent as the company struggles to deal with backlash over one of it’s products. The company went on the defense after an NBA hopeful fell and injured himself when his Nike shoe fell apart on the court on live television.

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