Plane makes precautionary landing on Back Bay

A map of the Back Bay area. Google Maps image
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A precautionary landing of an Ahmic Air Cessna 185 with a lone pilot on board just after noon Thursday did not result in any injuries owner Stephen Jeffery says.

“The pilot just made a precautionary landing. No passengers on board, no incidents. The plane is OK, the pilot’s OK. That’s all there is to it.”

The plane took off at noon headed for Prosperous Lake. About 15 minutes in, the pilot made the decision to circle back to base at Back Bay after they noticed a stretched rigging cable.

“It happens once in a while and there’s a backup system for it. And the backup system did its job. From our standpoint, it was a non-event.”

Ahmic Air provides charter flights throughout the Northwest Territories. Their primary aircraft is the DHC-2 de Havilland Canadian Beaver. The company also uses a smaller C-185 Cessna aircraft for smaller loads. They provide plane tours, fly-in canoeing, camping and ice fishing among other trips.

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