Over 75 gather for UNW protest in Yellowknife

UNW members at a February 1st gathering in downtown Yellowknife. (Photo by MyTrueNorthNow.com).
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Todd Parsons says the Union of Northern Workers is not bluffing.

“Let me be very clear, we are not bluffing. We will strike if you don’t give us a fair deal. We’ve given you every chance…we’ve even agreed to surrender our right to strike, go to binding arbitration.”

The president of the Union of Northern Workers delivered this message to a crowd of over 75 people gathered in minus 34 temperatures around noon Friday. Municipal enforcement officers blocked off 49th Street between Franklin Ave. and 51st Ave. for the duration of the gathering.

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Parsons says representatives from a wide range of government sectors were present.

“Looking around I’m seeing workers from the Department of Infrastructure, I see healthcare workers that are here, power corporation workers showing up. We’ve got all the public services that are represented here today.”


The UNW and the Government of the Northwest Territories are set to start another round of mediation February 8th.

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