UNW back to negotiating table

A 2015 strike of the Fort Smith Housing Authority UNW workers. Submitted photo
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After pre-strike preparations by the Union of Northern Workers, the union says they are sitting down with the government next month.

According to a notice posted on the UNW website, the union will be in mediation with the government from February 8th to 13th. During this time they will mediate with the GNWT, Hay River Health and Social Services Authority and the Northwest Territories Power Corporation.

Despite years of talks between the union and the government, unionized workers with the territorial government have gone without a collective agreement since 2016. UNW represents 5,500 members.

In the meantime, the union is preparing for potential job action with strike training happening in Fort Smith, Hay River and Inuvik next week. A practice picket at the Jackfish Power Plant was attended by 60 NTPC workers, according to UNW.

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