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Alcohol screening to take effect in NWT

Mandatory Alcohol Screening will be coming into effect in the NWT and all over Canada on December 18th.

With Bill C-46 coming into full force tomorrow, officers are now able to conduct Mandatory Alcohol Screening upon any driver that is lawfully stopped in Canada. The stop can be of an observed infraction, such as failure to stop at a stop sign, or as part of traffic check stop.

NWT RCMP Traffic Services announced earlier in December they were running three separate traffic enforcement projects in the month of December. Operation Gingerbread is the month-long annual traffic enforcement program and will continue until January 1st.

Marie York-Condon, RCMP Media Relations states that over the course of the holiday’s you can expect officers to be out enforcing traffic laws, including traffic check stops.

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“With this new legislation, citizens of Northwest Territories who are operating a motor vehicle, including ATV or snowmachine, can expect to be requested to provide a breath sample by our members at any lawful stop or check stop.”

Failure or refusing to comply with the demand carries the same, or greater, penalties as driving while impaired.

Condon also notes that NWT RCMP is also able to test for drug-impaired driving on suspicion.

“Impaired driving is the leading criminal cause of injury and death on Canada’s roads. It is completely avoidable and preventable. Choose to get home safely and don’t drive impaired.”

RCMP encourages the public to contact their local RCMP Detachment should they suspect or witness an impaired driver on our roadways.

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