Parents angry as YK daycare closes on short notice

Kids Corner. Photo by Greg Komarnicky
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Parents in Yellowknife are very upset as a busy daycare has announced it will be closing its doors on just 2 weeks notice. Kids Corner, which runs out of the Cornerstone Pentecostal Church, is officially closing on December 7th.

The church’s board of directors emailed parents Friday afternoon to announce the closure.

“We’ve struggled financially to operate and have many challenges finding qualified staff. We know how this will impact you as parents and the decision has not been made lightly.”

However, some parents say they weren’t notified directly. Justin Roberts, father of a 14-month-old girl said they had found out from their former day home operator.

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“They announced that they were shutting down and they didn’t even tell us. We found out from our previous day home operator. If it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t have even known about the closure.”

The short notice given by the Childcare centre has many people in disarray and uncertain of the future of their children. Roberts said he has just secured a place in Kids Corner for his 14-month-old daughter.

“She was actually supposed to start today. It sucks because we told our day home provider that we weren’t gonna come anymore because we got into Kids Corner so she filled that spot. Now we’re scrambling to try and find a spot for our kid and finding a spot in Yellowknife for an infant is next to impossible.”

Other parents are very upset about the deposit situation as they’re unsure if they will receive their money back as they were not given the proper month notice. Roberts says there’s been no communication about returning the money.

“Less than a month ago they took our deposit knowing they were going to be shutting down. We sent them an email about getting the deposit back the same day we found out and they just ignored us.” Roberts states.

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“When you take your kid out of a daycare you have to give a months notice if you don’t then you forfeit the deposit. What bothers me that parents are required to give 1-month notice as is noted in their policy but the board stays silent on what the daycare is required to give.” said mother of a 2-year-old girl, Christina Leeson

So far, the Church hasn’t gone into much detail as to why they the daycare is closing. This has left some parents feeling unsatisfied according to Roberts.

“Basically, the email said they were shutting down for financial reasons and that they couldn’t find enough qualified staff to run it. They weren’t very clear on why this was happening now. They didn’t really tell us anything.”

“Instead of informing parents about what’s been going on, they just left the parents in the dark and didn’t communicate anything well. It’s disgusting that they just shut down and gave us 2 weeks notice” voices Leeson

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Finding places to put their kids will likely be a challenge now for affected parents. Finding different alternatives for their children won’t be an easy task says Leeson.

“You’re now competing with other parents to find a day home or daycare right away for your kid and so are they. You’re not given the time to properly get references for a daycare, you almost have to say yes right away if you’re offered a spot. It becomes a relationship built on desperation.”

Moose FM tried to get in contact with Kids Corner by phone and email and have yet to hear a response.

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