BEFORE THE BELL: Energy and commodities slide, threatening TSX; Huawei equipment under scrutiny over possible security risk

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Energy and commodities could pull down the TSX this morning. The price for oil continues to slide as US crude is down to 52.22 a barrel. The slide continues as investors worry about an oversupply issue in the crude market.

The Loonie is also feeling pressure from the energy sector as it drops to 75.61 cents US.

Wall Street will be on a half day following a Thanksgiving break yesterday.

Trade war worries are also festering in the minds of investors ahead of a meeting between Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart next week. US VP Mike Pence signaled earlier this month the US was prepared to wait out the trade war until China changes its ways.

Chinese company Huawei is coming under fire as well after the Wall Street Journal reported US officials have asked global partners to stop using equipment made by the wireless company because it may pose a cyber security risk.

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