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Jamie Koe takes responsibility for team’s expulsion

Skipper Jamie Koe has taken responsibility for his team getting kicked out of a World Curling Tour event. The team was expelled from the Red Deer Curling Classic after getting too drunk.

“I must learn from what happened and try to make myself a better person from what transpired this weekend and to try and take better care of myself,” Koe tells Moose FM

During one match, Olympic gold medallist Ryan Fry broke three brooms and then put a hole in the wall of one of the locker rooms. Koe had already pulled himself from the game because he was too drunk himself.

“Things were done that couldn’t be undone and once I became aware of what was going on with my teammates I removed myself from the game but things had gotten too out of control by then”.

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Koe says the team found out by email that it had been removed from the tournament, and the men returned the next day to apologize. He says they left on good terms, but the time since the incident has been tough on him.

“My name specifically has been out there a lot due to me being the skipper and some of the things I’ve seen online or on TV have been very hurtful. Being the skipper means I need to take responsibility for what happened with the team. We’ve all had conversations with each other over the past couple days to try and make things right between us”.

In a social media post, Fry has apologized for his actions. He says “we took our fun a little too far.”

Koe says the team isn’t his normal crew and was just put together for the weekend. He will rejoin his usual NWT team moving forward, and says he’s focused on moving on from the events last weekend.

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