BEFORE THE BELL: Investors look to earnings reports for stability amid more US-China trade war worries

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Quarterly results are back in the limelight as investors look to shrug off trade war worries. Sony and West Jet have released positive reports this morning, with the latter seeing movement from its discount flight services Swoop and Encore. GE and Nintendo are falling a bit short on their earnings reports.

Analysts suggest there will be some bounce back in North America today. Although there is still uncertainty globally as the White House sends mixed messages on the trade war. Trump says he’s ready to make a deal with China, but the US is also prepared to unleash more tariffs in December.

Meanwhile, Cannabis stock is still dwindling two weeks after legalization as experts say there is some confusion on whether or not this industry will be profitable despite earlier expectations the weed revolution would lead to billions in profits.

The price of US crude continues to slip to 66.68 a barrel.

The Loonie is gaining to 76.18 cents US.

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