Liquor Shop sells out of pot

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Yesterday Canadians experienced history as cannabis became legal. Their excitement caused legal pot distributors across the country to have long lines and for some, including Yellowknife’s Liquor Shop, to run out of their supply entirely.

Edward Eggenberger, the owner of Liquor Shop says a couple hundred people were lined up before his shop opened to buy their weed so it was no shock to him that he ran out by about 5:30 p.m. that day. He had a new supply ready before opening today, but does not expect the same result.

“No I think a lot of people were coming there yesterday because it was a historic occasion. So I don’t expect as much of a rush today.”

Eggenberger thinks the amount sold will start to level off and will become just another product available. He also expressed how impressed he was with how the Territory prepared for legalization day.

“I’m quite impressed with the NWT Liquor and Cannabis Commission. They did an outstanding job of putting this all together, getting five stores up and running in the Northwest Territories, where I’m to understand that BC got one and Saskatchewan didn’t have any because they didn’t have any product to sell and Ontario didn’t open any stores, so I think they did a pretty good job up here.”

For those who have taken part, or plan to but are unsure of the new rules, you can check out our quick guide here.

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