Three newcomers join Yellowknife council

Yellowknife City Hall. (Supplied by staff.)
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Another election season has come to a close in Yellowknife. With the dust settled, the capital city has a new mayor and adds three new council members along with five returning.


On the mayoral seat, Rebecca Alty will be taking the next step. After two years on council, Alty decided to run, taking on fellow council member Adrian Bell along with Bob Stewart and Jerald Sibbeston. She won the election by 728 votes, becoming the second female mayor in Yellowknife history.


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All five council members seeking re-election in Steve Payne, Julian Morse, Shauna Morgan, Niels Konge and Rommel Silverio were re-elected. They will be joined by newcomers Stacie Smith, Cynthia Mufandaedza, and Robin Williams.


On top of the elected council members and mayor, voters also had their say on a new bylaw to extend the council’s term from three years to four. The public spoke in favour of four years of term by just over 1000 votes.


Courtesy of the City of Yellowknife website
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