Fire Prevention Week

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Is your home safe from fires? It’s fire prevention week and the Yellowknife fire department has been busy this week teaching the community how to keep themselves safe.


During the week, the fire department is doing multiple presentations to classes from junior kindergarten up to grade eight teaching about stop, drop and roll as well as fire alarms. Deputy Fire Chief, Gerda Groothiuzen says for families, they have a chance to win a free pizza meal in a draw.


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“We’ll be going into people’s homes, checking out their smoke alarms, making sure they are up to code at the time that the home was built. If all the smoke alarms are working well, they’re interconnected and no older than ten years old, then they get the free pizza meal.”


Groothiuzen says the best way to keep your family safe is not just to prevent fires, but to be prepared for when a fire does happen.


“Check out your home for home hazards. Make sure your hallways are clear and not blocked. Make sure your smoke alarms are operational. This is the key, and we keep getting back to this year after year. You only have 3 minutes to get out of the home before smoke completely fills the house and could cause cognitive problems.”


Gerda Groothuizen also suggests getting a home escape plan for your family.

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