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Guns stolen from Yellowknife home

A Yellowknife man is searching for answers after his family’s home was broken into on Thanksgiving.

A homeowner who would like to remain anonymous contacted Moose FM this morning with concerns for the public’s safety after multiple guns were stolen from his family’s home.

He says sometime early on Monday morning his home on Rivett Crescent was broken into.

“We were away out of town,” he says, and when they returned home around seven o’clock last night, they found their home had been robbed.

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“Somebody came into the house and backed a car into the garage and stole probably about 12 weapons, 9 millimetres, handguns and rifles,” he says.

Diamonds, jewellery and electronics including laptops and GPS were also stolen from the home, as well as the safes they were being stored in.

“They couldn’t get into the safe so they actually took two gun cabinets, large ones and then three other safes,” he says.

Everything that was important was locked away in those safes he says.

“When they took them they didn’t realize they weren’t only getting guns, they were getting jewellery and electronics and everything, they got a good haul,” he says.

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He estimates about $50,000 worth of possessions were stolen.

“I got a call from a neighbour letting me know there was a vehicle hung up in my driveway, because I’ve got a retaining wall out there, and he said it was a vehicle hung up on it, and that’s when the truck came by to tow it out.”

“Apparently it was a green car that was there and there was the truck was a neon dodge, and two of them were there going through everything and pretty much stole the whole damn works, cleaned me out,” he says.

“I thought it would be good to let the public know there’s all these weapons out there and that might spur the RCMP to pick up their investigation.”

He says the RCMP told him they won’t be coming by to fingerprint the place.

“Last night they told me they were, so they told us not to stay in our home last night,” he says.

He says they stayed with family last night, but when he called RCMP this morning to find out the ETA on getting fingerprints, they told him they had no intention of doing so.

“They said that they were doing a briefing at 10:30, that they were really busy over a fire that happened last week and that they would probably contact me before the end of the day,” he says.

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“We’re pretty devastated, we don’t know what to do with ourselves. My son is traumatized, he’s frightened to stay in the house, it’s quite bad.”

Moose FM has reached out to Yellowknife RCMP for comment via phone and email and had yet to receive a reply at the time of publication.

Yellowknife RCMP sent out a news release this afternoon saying they are investigating the theft.

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