Territorial government seeks contractor to develop homelessness strategic plan

Yellowknife's sobering centre. (Photo by MyTrueNorthNow.com staff.)
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The territorial government has announced a call for proposals leading to the development of a Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) Homelessness Strategic Plan.  A contractor will be selected to conduct an assessment and scan of all GNWT homelessness initiatives and develop an overarching homelessness strategic plan.

“People vulnerable to homelessness need and deserve our support,” says Alfred Moses, Minister Responsible for the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation and Minister Responsible for Addressing Homelessness in a statement.

“Homelessness in the NWT isn’t just a housing problem. Successfully addressing homelessness requires a whole of government approach, with prevention programs, stability supports and emergency services. The Housing Corporation is leading an initiative to assess the effectiveness of all GNWT-supported homelessness programs and develop a more complete and integrated GNWT homelessness strategy. If we work together, we can make the best use of our resources to help more people.”

The GNWT currently offers a range of services through departments including the Department of Health and Social Services, the Department of Education, Culture and Employment, the Department of Justice and the NWT Housing Corporation, to people vulnerable to homelessness in communities across the territory.

“There is an opportunity to improve program and policy alignment among all GNWT homelessness initiatives.  While individual departments will continue to operate separate programs, what this request for proposals aims to do is to have all homelessness programs and resources working together in an integrated approach under one strategic plan,” a news release from the GNWT states.

The final report is expected to provide a strategic planning document for action that may advise on addressing system coordination, resolving need, selecting solutions, recommending targets and achievable short term, medium term and long-term change outcomes for the territorial government to strive towards over a five to ten year period.

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