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Heavy rains cause water damage at City Hall

City hall is experiencing technical difficulties “due to water damage resulting from the recent heavy rains,” the city announced in a press release this morning.

“We are experiencing numerous leaks throughout City Hall, we’re in the process of assessing the damage, and there’s dryers being set up to dry out some of the areas that were affected,” said Kerry Penney director of policy, communications and economic development at the city.

At this point  they’re not sure if there will be more leaks, but it is expected to rain for the next three days.

“We’ve got wet ceilings, wet floors and wet walls,” said Penney.

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Numerous staff have had to be relocated from their offices, and some electronics, including computers, have been damaged by the leaks Penney said.

“With respect to how soon we anticipate it being resolved, we don’t really know at this point,” said Penney

 The city is advising people to call the main line with any inquiries, “as a number of staff are not located at their usual desk or phone number.”

Customer service is still available at City Hall, the Fieldhouse, Ruth Inch Memorial Pool, and on-line.


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