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Gumboot Rally raises over $24,000 for YKACL programs

The 26th annual Gumboot Rally raised over $24,000 for the Yellowknife Association for Community Living (YKACL).

Each year, teams of Yellowknifers participate in a variety of gumboot-themed games to raise money for YKACL programs.

This year, 15 teams raised funds for the rally, but only 12 participated in the games, said YKACL executive director Lynn Elkin.

“Part of the reason the funds are wonderful for us is that they don’t come with strings attached,” said Elkin.

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“As an association we can judge where the need is in our community and with the families that we serve and we can make sure that those funds each year are allocated without having to meet criteria,” said Elkin.

The funds raised at the rally are also useful for programs that may need extra help that year.

“This year in particular, a couple of areas where we needed extra funding is in respite, where we provide support for individuals living at home with family and who have a disability of some kind,” said Elkin.

“The other area where we have lots going on is in employment support, so getting people into jobs, getting them job-ready, working with employers and making sure people are on job site and doing a full job,” Elkin said.

“Sometimes they need a little bit of extra help understanding the process and how to make sure they’re successfully completing what the employer needs in the first little while,” said Elkin, and the association will often provide job coaches and other assistance to help make that happen.

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There’s also great support from employers in Yellowknife, Elkin said, and the association helps people get those jobs.

“Each and every year we’re always thrilled with how much the community continues to support us,” said Elkin.

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