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Fire in N’Dilo left to burn

Photo of the Ski-doo (Credit: Phoebe Ann)

A ski-doo in N’dilo caught fire this afternoon.

A listener reported the incident to CJCD via Facebook. The owner of the vehicle, Norman Betsina, said he called the Yellowknife Fire Division to help put the fire out.

However, Betsina said he later received a call from the YKFD saying the Fire Division would not be putting the fire out. Betsina said he was told if he could not put the fire out himself, to then call again.

I’m risking my life here to do this, and it doesn’t make sense,” said Betsina, over the phone. “I pay my taxes, this isn’t right.

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Betsina’s wife, Phoebe Ann, sent a picture and video via Facebook, commenting with “they said they don’t want [to go to Ndilo] to go on the ice… it was not even far so they said just let it burn, that’s crazy.

CJCD has reached out to the City of Yellowknife and the YKFD for further comment and possible clarification.

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