MID-DAY: Trump offers tariff lifeline to Canada with a catch; TSX and Dow bounce back

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Trump’s willingness to exempt Canada from tariffs on steel and aluminum is bringing some life back to Bay Street. The TSX has bounced back from a morning fall up 139 points to 15,524.

On Wall Street the Dow is also creeping back up 187 points to 24,725. However, Trump’s willingness to co-operate comes with a catch, he wants Canada and Mexico to sign a NAFTA deal that is fair to the US. The latest round of NAFTA talks in Mexico wraps up today.

Gold, which has acted as a lifeline for many worried investors has dropped slightly to 1,321.

Oil is up to 62.67 a barrel on the news that crude production may be pulled back.

The Loonie has hit rock bottom this year moving near an eight-month low at 77 cents US.

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