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Cause of house fire in N’dilo remains unknown

The Yellowknife Fire Division had to fight their second fire this week.

Fire officials responded to a fire at 107 Sikyea Tiki in N’dilo late last night.

Bystanders stated that no one was inside the building, saying everyone had evacuated. An attempt was made to enter the building but was immediately called back due to a possible roof collapse. An exterior attack was done to knock down the flames. Firefighters then entered the building to begin cooling hotspots.

The first fire took place on Sunday on Jeske Crescent. The fire was started by a new heater placed underneath the house to warm the water lines.

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The cause of last night’s fire is still undetermined, according to the fire officials.

The Office of the Fire Marshal for the Northwest Territories has been contacted to initiate an investigation for this incident.

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