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Granite Ventures’ appeal hits second wind following Supreme Court ruling

An appeal is going back in front of City Council for a second time after a recent court ruling.

The Northwest Territories’ Supreme Court decided earlier this week that Granite Ventures Limited will get a second chance to make an appeal. The Court’s decision was based on the ruling that City Council made an error in dismissing the first appeal in 2015.

The original appeal was centered around a building inspector who issued ‘Do Not Occupy’ and ‘Fire Watch’ orders on a condominium development owned by GVL. The appeal was dismissed because City Council ruled that no orders were in effect at the time.

Granite Ventures’ lawyer, Glen Rutland, says the case brings up certain questions about the appeals process and the power of building inspectors.

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That decision [by the City Council] generally renders the appeal useless,” says Rutland. “A building inspector who issues such an order could simply rip up the order right before the appeal. There would then be no oversight as to whether or not that order should be made.

Rutland adds the appeal process is now back in the hands of the City Council.

The City of Yellowknife said they were reviewing their options and declined to comment.

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