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McLeod on McLeod: Michael comments on the Premier’s ‘Red Alert’

Following Premier Bob McLeod’s statement on a red alert, Member of Parliament Michael McLeod has issued his own statement.

McLeod says the Premier’s comments puzzled him, saying that he prefers a “more collaborative approach to governance.

McLeod cleared up details from the Premier’s statement as well, most notably saying there is no permanent ban on oil exploration in the Arctic.

There is a suspension of new exploratory oil and gas drilling licenses in the Arctic offshore while the Government of Canada works with Northerners and leaseholders to come up with a new, science-based approach to Arctic off shore oil and gas.

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McLeod also agreed with the Premier on a few subjects, namely that decisions about the North should be made in the North.

This is exactly what is being done right now, through the development of the Northern Policy Framework that the GNWT co-chairs.

He ends his statement saying “no red flags are necessary.

The full statement can be read here.

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