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Hacking scam uses Northland Utilities’ name as a ploy

If you receive a text from Northland Utilities, think twice.

Residents in Yellowknife are being told they’ve received refunds/reimbursements from Northland. With a link in the text, people are being tricked into giving away their information.

…there’s never been one of these done by text.

Lori Burrill, Supervisor, Office & Customer Service for Northland Utilities, says this has happened before, but never by text.

We’ve had these scams pop up before. Emails, phone calls, things of that of nature… But to my recollection, there’s never been one of these done by text.

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Burrill says the fake texts are even being sent to Northland employees.

I haven’t personally been sent these text messages but a few of our employees have,” says Lori. They were the ones that brought it to our attention. A lot of our customers seem to have been affected as well.

We’ve put the warning up on our Facebook page and our website.

Burrill hopes that she’s created enough of a stir through social and traditional media.

If you receive one of these messages, contact Northland Utilities before clicking the link.

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