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Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer makes first trip to the North

The leader of the Federal Conservative party came to Yellowknife this weekend.

Andrew Scheer is looking to work with the mining industry while also acknowledging environmental hazards. Stephen Harper’s replacement toured the Terra X Yellowknife City Gold mining project and walked around Yellowknife on Sunday.

“It was very interesting,” says Andrew Scheer. “You read and see on TV some aspects of Northern mining operations but it’s very interesting to actually see the rock they’re taking out of the ground and seeing some gold flex right up close. I’m starting to get a picture of some challenges and opportunities of natural resource development in the Northwest Territories.”

The newly elected Conservative leader says that partnerships are possible between mining companies and environmental organizations. One example is addressing arsenic levels in the North. Scheer says he will be announcing the Opposition Party’s Environment Minister this week. Arsenic levels are expected to be a priority.

Scheer also spoke on growing the relationship between the Conservative party and Indigenous communities in the North.

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