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Daniel Gillis sentenced today

Well-known Yellowknife resident, Daniel Gillis, is going to jail.

Gillis was previously found guilty to three counts of assault and one count of sexual assault.

Gillis has a history with assault, being charged 17 years ago in a similar case.

The Honorable Judge Robert D. Gorin stated during his reasoning that he took into account all factors in the case when making his final decision.

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Mr. Gillis has had a troubled past with his experiences in a [religious household and abusive schooling]… While it has been allowed for the court to take into consideration the background of a person, there is no denying that Mr. Gillis has shown a pattern with these offences.

Gillis will serve 165(+1) consecutive days, starting today. He will be released to a 3-month probation period, as well as a weapon prohibition, making it so that he will not be able to have any weapons.

With the convicted charges, Gillis will also serve one day for failing to comply with the victim’s restraining order. Judge Gorin cited that the extra day will be used as an example for future Judges, should Gillis ever find himself accused of a similar act.

Edit: Rephrasing to avoid vagueness.

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