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Bill Erasmus Faces Criticism on Dene Nation Finances

Dene National Chief Bill Erasmus is facing criticism for financial issues with the Dene Nation.

Yellowknives Dene First Nation Chief Ernest Betsina spoke at the Dene National Assembly in Hay River.

“I know at one time the Dene Nation was in serious trouble with the rent,” asked Chief Betsina. “Has that been solved? Can you explain to the assembly about the payroll and tax and if it has been resolved, caught up or still owing?”

Dene Nation Chief Bill Erasmus defended his decision not to pay the remaining rent on the dene nations previous office.

“We were not in serious trouble,” countered Erasmus. “However, the people we were renting from took us to court and we didn’t pay it because lawyers instructed us not to pay it until there’s completely an understanding. We sure you that we don’t owe all the money that was reported.”

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